Dental Implants

Closeup of a Dental Implant In A MouthAre you missing a tooth? Do you have a hole in your smile? Do you want to replace your broken tooth? So, if you do not like having a plate in your mouth. Dental implants would be the best option to you.

Conventionally when one’s missing a tooth or multiple teeth, the general available options are partial denture (plastic or metal plate(s) with teeth that go in and out of your mouth) or bridge (3 crowns or caps attached to each other to replace missing tooth). At Towne Square Dental, we always offer you the best possible option(s) and explain the pros and cons of the recommended option(s).

A dental implant is a medical-grade titanium “screw” that is precisely placed into your jaw bone and once healed (typically 3 months for routine cases), a crown is placed on top to restore the missing tooth. The benefits of an implant include: very high reliability and success, natural feeling (you brush and floss this like a natural tooth) and excellent looks.

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